For Luddites Only

On December 1, 2006---World AIDS Day---the Federal Government launched, a Web portal for information on domestic HIV/AIDS programs and resources. I played a small role in the gestation and birth of that site (content, not design or engineering) and I'm very proud of it.

Recently, the team started a blog on using new media tools in the fight against HIV/AIDS. We have blogged on things like RSS feeds, wikis, and text messaging. We talk to experts in the field and try to put things in plain language for the Luddites---like me.

Our goal is to get people to think about new ways of delivering HIV prevention, testing, and treatment messages to those at risk for, or living with, HIV. Infection rates are rising again--particularly among young people. We are trying to stay current with technology, so we can reach those most likely to be infected.

I've learned a lot from working on those entries, and now I've been asked to spread the news about the blog to those outside the public health sector. So if you would like to learn exactly what an RSS feed does, or how a wiki works, here's your chance--free of charge. If I can understand that stuff, anyone can.

And if you want to help us stop HIV/AIDS, go get tested. Whether you think you need to or not.

You knew I was going to say that...