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Grey is Not a Fundamentalist Color: Musings on Right-Wing Christian Opposition to Rights for Transgender People

I’ve grown increasingly concerned about the rash of harmful legislation aimed at trans people, including children. The sheer cruelty of some of it has been breathtaking—and this has caused me to wonder why this was happening? As a former fundamentalist, I think I may have some clues—and some warnings—about what lies at the base of these attempts to harm one of the most vulnerable groups in any society. For those not up on their Christian church history, biblical fundamentalism is a relatively new thing. It didn't exist until the late-19 th century. It developed in reaction to theological modernism, which led religious scholars to revise traditional Christian beliefs to accommodate new developments in the natural and social sciences—especially the theory of biological evolution. Basically, fundamentalism was born in opposition to science and critical inquiry. It's important to remember this when we look at fundamentalist efforts to deny trans people rights the rest of us

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