My So-Called Life

I haven't been posting much. The well is been dry lately--though I've been mulling posts on the awful situation in Gaza and some more on homelessness and community. But if you don't write it when it's bugging you, then chances are, it will already have been covered by better bloggers than yourself, and then you think "Why bother?" That's me lately....

And life has been full since Christmas. Here's a partial run-down:

Bad Things:
  • Work is crazy, thanks to Transition Mania.
  • One kid missed an entire week of school for a virus last week. The other missed Wednesday through Friday.
  • I have a cold.
  • They are predicting 2-6 inches of snow tomorrow. Ugh.
  • There are well over 200 entries in my Google Reader and my head is too stuffed up to comprehend them all. I will probably hit "Mark All As Read" and hope you will forgive me.
  • I have gotten myself involved in a local controversy over school assignments. Some neighbors are mad at me, and I am a bit angry myself. Race, class, and privilege all come into play---not easy conversations to have.
  • One of my grandmother's oldest friends was found dead in her yard the other day. My grandmother is feeling this loss deeply. At 83, every death is one closer to your own. Sigh.
  • A friend at church was recently diagnosed with an extremely serious illness and ended up having to have surgery last week. The long-term prognosis is grim.
Good Things:
  • Dear Friend and I had a lovely weekend together, after a long space between visits. Our engagement seems to have deepened our relationship in some lovely ways I could not have predicted.
  • Ruth gave me a nice award, which I will post when my head is not spinning. Thank you, my friend!
  • The Empress and I are having lunch together today and going to paint pottery together. In my altered state of consciousness, I have no idea what I will produce---but she is over-the-moon happy about our "Mommy and Me date," as she calls it.
  • Tomorrow marks a Whole New Day. Thanks be to God.
That's my life. How's yours?