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Who defines "Identity Politics"?

An old friend, whose intellect I respect greatly, posted an article that asked whether presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg is just another privileged white man running for office, or if his status as a married gay man gives him "diversity points." (I made that term up, but that was the gist.) In his comment on the article, my friend wrote: Identity politics is a poison that only serves specific interests. They can all go to hell. We need someone, anyone, who will promote policies that are inclusive and beneficial to the vast majority of Americans, regardless of identity. And my first thought was: "Only a straight white man can say 'Identity politics is a poison that only serves specific interests' with a straight face."🙄 If you ask me to tell you about myself, the first thing I will say is that I am a feminist. Everything I believe in and everything I do in the social/political/economic arena is formed and colored by the fact that I am a woman in a

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