Poetry as Prayer

Another Mark Jarman poem for your Lenten enjoyment:

Unholy Sonnet #17
God like a kiss, God like a welcoming,
God like a hand guiding another hand
And raising it or making it descend,
God like the pulse point and its silent drumming,
And the tongue going to it, God like the humming
Of pleasure if the skin felt it as sound,
God like the hidden wanting to be found
And like the joy of being and becoming.
And God the understood, the understanding,
And God the pressure trying to relieve,
What is not pain but names itself with weeping,
And God the rush of time and God time standing,
And God the touch body and soul believe,
And God the secret neither one is keeping.
---Questions for Ecclesiastes

This is the God I believe in. This is the God I have experienced in my life. This is the God I love.