Davis, Josh, Doxy, and the Dog

I had really good intentions about blogging Davis Mac-Iyalla's visit to my church. Alas and alack, I have been engaging in a wrestling match with the Small Black Dog.

Apparently, his bigger brother, the Big Black Dog, has decided he has other people to worry---go visit Mary Sue at Order of Santa Ignora and you'll see what I mean. (Mary Sue, if you see this, I tried to leave a comment on your blog but it wouldn't go through. I'm praying for you.)

So I'm getting the best of this one, but it's tired me out.

I do want to say that having Davis and Josh visit us was a real blessing. My fellow parishioners were wowed by both of them.

As you might imagine, Davis is as warm and engaging as any native Southerner---he fit right in from the moment he stepped off the plane. I knew his story of course---but to hear him tell it still brought tears to my eyes.

One of my friends at church called me after the afternoon forum and said "I feel as if I've just heard Frederick Douglass." I did too.

And Josh may be quiet, but when he does speak up, it's like E.F. Hutton ...everybody listens.

I don't think I will ever forget the way Josh wrapped up the forum---which was quite tense, given the presence of a combative Nigerian who had come to upbraid Davis for spreading what he termed "the gospel of gay."

Josh coolly and calmly reminded everyone of why Davis was there---to shed light on the willingness of certain bishops (!) in our worldwide communion to lie, slander, steal, and even expose certain members of their flock to persecution, violence, and possible death while claiming the moral high ground.

If you haven't donated to Davis' fund and you have the funds to do so, please go to Dailyoffice.org and do so. Right. Now.

Trust me---unless there is illness or death in your Circle of Life, there is NOTHING you have to do today that is more important than this. Davis is doing the work of God, at the risk of his own life. The least we can do is open our wallets to support him.

To Davis and Josh, I say "Thank you!" and "Y'all come back soon, now--ya hear?"

(I made the Dog stay outside.)