You can blame David and Rowan for my inflicting this bit of silliness on you. I could probably have resisted David's challenge (I do have pneumonia, after all)---but who can resist darling Rowan?!

1. I have a (not-so) secret craving for Sour Gummy Worms--the only kind of non-chocolate candy that really tempts me.

2. I tell everyone I don't cook. They hear this as "Doxy can't cook." This means they never ask me to bring anything homemade. I can live with that.

3. I am a snob about chocolate. It's got to be dark and high-quality. I'd rather do without than eat cheap chocolate.

4. I am learning to do jigsaw puzzles without looking at the picture. More of a challenge!

5. I had to give up one of my bad habits recently---drinking Diet Coke. I still mourn every time I see one...

I'm sure that, by now, everyone I would have tagged has already played. So I'll just thank you for stopping by!