Doxy and the Tooth Fairy

Jasper lost two teeth yesterday.

My daughter phoned me early this morning to ask whether the Doggy Tooth Fairy had been to visit him. Of course, I said "Yes!"---which means that I will need to make a trip to the pet store to procure a suitable treat before she comes back on Saturday.

The Tooth Fairy has a checkered history in our house--a tarnished reputation acquired only recently. For years, she showed up faithfully for the Emperor*, and we expected she would do the same for the Empress.

So we all waited with growing anticipation as the Empress' first tooth began to wiggle. It actually fell out at church a few weeks ago.

As you might imagine, the Empress was wild with excitement about this.

Her enthusiasm had been stoked by the fact that her brother had recently lost a molar--the first tooth he's lost in probably two years. He was at his dad's when it happened, and the Tooth Fairy over there left the ridiculous sum of $5.

She also, apparently, left his tooth. (This is important.)

In the wee hours of the morning, the Tooth Fairy went rummaging in her purse. She knew that she would have to produce $5, since that was the amount that had been left at the Other House---instead of the $1 she would normally find appropriate.

But...she had no $5 bills. And it was 5:00 a.m.

So the Tooth Fairy had to give $10. She left a letter for the Empress, explaining that this was a one-time event because it was her first tooth. Subsequent teeth wouldn't be worth as much.

The Empress was thrilled to find a $10 bill and a letter from the Tooth Fairy under her pillow.

Until, that is, she realized the the tooth was gone.

Much weeping and wailing and gnashing of remaining teeth ensued. This was her first tooth! How could the Tooth Fairy have taken it?! Especially when she left the Emperor's tooth at Dad's?!

The Empress was inconsolable. She was not the least bit interested in the money---she wanted her tooth back.

So the following evening, she put the money back under her pillow, and the Tooth Fairy returned her tooth. It took the Empress a couple of days to ask if, the next time she loses a tooth, might the Tooth Fairy leave both the money and the tooth too?

I'm going to have to watch that one, aren't I?

*Doxy's note: For many years, I posted in an online community called Mothers Who Think. I didn't feel comfortable using my son's name online, so I designated him the "Little Emperor." He's not so little anymore, I'm afraid--so I've dropped the diminutive. And then the Empress came along to round out the Royal Household. I'm still not comfortable using their names online, so I'll be using the old designations.

Despite their monikers, you may rest assured that I do NOT treat them like royalty. They will be happy to give you a list of all the cruel things I do on a regular basis that have earned me the title "Meanest Mother in the World." ;-)