Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Love remains the same....

What follows is the eulogy that the Empress (my 11-year-old daughter) gave for my grandmother--the Empress' self-described "best friend" and confidante for her entire life.  My daughter is very shy and does not like being the center of attention--so I was shocked when she stood up and spoke. It was an act of courage on her part--born of great love and pain.

I have typed it verbatim from the notes she wrote for herself, and I share it with her permission:

Ammama was, and is, the most special person in my entire life. She comforted me in every situation--from falling and scraping my knee to much more important things. I can't even explain how kind she is to everyone she meets.

When I felt all alone, Ammama was there for me. In a sense, she was like my second mom. Ammama did so much for me, and I never really got to properly thank her.

May her soul rest in peace, and I hope that the day I die, Ammama will be waiting at the golden gates of heaven for me.


I do not know if heaven really exists. No one does.

But this I do know--the love that can inspire a shy and brokenhearted child to stand up and declare it to the world is a love that will never die. That love has shaped who she is, and who she will be, and it will course through her, and through everyone she ever loves.

I believe that love is the most powerful thing in the universe...and it is born of the simplest of things--bandaging knees and singing lullabies and hugging all the hurts away.

My grandmother is gone, but the love remains.


PJ DeGenaro said...

Big virtual hugs (or a virtual handshake -- whatever she would prefer) to the Empress. As a former shy child, I know how hard this must have been for her. Also, I see shades of Mama Doxy in the writing.

Big love to all of you.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Also, I see shades of Mama Doxy in the writing.

PJ--that is quite possibly the nicest thing I have heard/read in ages. Both of my children are really good writers, for which I am grateful. But I do believe the Empress might actually write fiction one of these days. That will not come from me....

JCF said...



{{{Ammama's Fam & Friends}}}

Holy Ammama, pray for us.

8thday said...

I love that she said "Ammama was, AND IS, the most special person in my entire life." - children just *know* so much more than we do.

It is obvious that the love your grandmother put out in the world will continue to ripple out and grow through all those who were fortunate enough to know her.

Sending you, and the empress, my heartfelt love and prayers.

Fran said...

That is so powerful - amazing. Having met The Empress, I do know how shy she is. This is beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Holy Ammama, pray for us.

JCF--I love that. Having come from a tradition where we didn't "do" saints, I forget this part. If there ever was a person who was a living saint, it was my grandmother. Thanks for the reminder.

8thday--I thought that was wonderful too. We still talk about Ammom in the present tense a lot of the time.

Fran--I'm still shaking my head in wonder....

ABC said...

What an amazing woman your Ammom was! A certain 11 yr. old shares so many of her amazing qualities. What a blessing.

it's margaret said...


And God bless the Empress.