UPDATE: Emily to the rescue!

I e-mailed the Empress' teacher last night. This was in my In-box this morning:


Thank you for your email. I am extremely grateful that you've brought this situation to my attention. I have no problem addressing this with Ms. Manners. If it's alright with you, I'd like to forward your email to the school principal so that she can also be aware of what's going on. Please reassure the Empress that this situation won't happen again -- to her or anyone else in our class!

The immediate solution (until I am able to contact Ms. Manners to discuss this all with her) will be to make a new seating chart for lunch....

I will keep you updated about this situation, but rest assured that we will handle it. Please let me know if the Empress is still coming home with a full lunchbox. If necessary, she and her friends can come upstairs and eat with me! I do not want her to be afraid to eat her lunch!

Emily Post II
Wonder Teacher

Okay, I made that signature up, but that's what I think of her...