Got Hope?

I have been too busy with work, and too depressed about the appalling state of politics in this country, to blog this week.

But last night, I got to hold Baby J. for the first time. Babies have a way of restoring your faith in the world, don't they?

He is lovely and precious. And he has his father's dark hair and Dear Friend's long, beautiful feet. I thought DF was going to burst with pride--he was positively glowing with happiness over this new addition to his family.

M. is doing better, though her blood pressure is still high. We would all appreciate your continued prayers for her return to full health.

I marveled as I watched her nurse Baby J. last night. She showed a beautiful confidence for a first-time nursing mother. I was a long-term nursing mom, myself (2.5 years with each of my two children), and it took me a long time to build up that kind of poise. She looked lovely--so peaceful and serene. She and R., Baby J's dad, are already moving so gracefully into this new stage of their lives. Watching the three of them together made me realize that the future is not something to be dreaded, but something to be welcomed. That fear may hold the moment, but love will always, ultimately, win the day.

The world keeps spinning. Bidden or not, God is present. And hope comes in the form of a tiny little boy, nursing peacefully at his mother's breast.