Monday Morning Blues

I've had a wonderful weekend with friends and my children. The birthday celebrations continued, and I can honestly say that this has been the best Birthday Season in memory.

Jasper has been a peach too--not a single accident this entire weekend...though by saying that I have probably called the Karma Fairy down on me and will be cleaning carpets for days as penance for my premature celebration.

Apparently the price to be paid for all this happiness, however, is my annual physical this morning. Meaning no caffeine until after I get all my bloodwork done at 10:00 a.m.

I'm already grumpy just thinking about it.

I'm sure that it didn't help that I've been reading idiotic comments on a few blogs (like Episcopal Majority) from people who are still yammering on about how we progressives don't believe in scripture or tradition, and how we just really want to redefine sin as holy and force everyone else to do the same.

If I really wanted to redefine the faith, I'd start by getting rid of that bit about loving your's easy to love a lot of the 'mos (as KJ likes to call them) because they are funny and have excellent taste in almost everything. Not so easy to love those grim, dour Calvinists who are determined to find a heretic behind every "The Episcopal Church Welcomes You!" sign.

On a different note---Things are going to be intense in the Doxy household for the next couple of weeks. One very difficult thing, lots and lots of work, and, I hope, some happy things as well. For those reasons, I may not post much for the next little while.

Then again, I may post instead of doing all that stuff, since I am the Procrastination Queen and my Muse never seems to be the least bit interested in me until I am so in the weeds that I'm not sure which way is up...