Six Weird Things About Me

Hedwyg has tagged me and bade me disclose six weird things about myself. Those who know me will attest that limiting the list to six is difficult, but I did my best:

  1. I am 43 years old and I still cannot sleep with my hand hanging over the edge of the bed, for fear that something will grab it in the night.

  1. The term “liturgical dance” literally makes me shudder. (Even TYPING it makes me shudder…)

  1. I believe that all things necessary to salvation can be found in the poems of Emily Dickinson, Mark Jarman, and e.e. cummings. Throw in Mary Oliver, Pablo Neruda, Sharon Olds, Wendell Berry, Jane Kenyon, Rumi, and Sandra Cisneros and you’ve got a party!

  1. I believe it is unutterably rude to try and sell things to people—especially things they have not indicated they want. Needless to say, my career as a salesperson was short-lived…

  1. I am Southern—and I do not like grits, greens of any sort, or pecan pie. I also believe that people who put sugar in cornbread, or mustard in barbecue sauce, are an abomination unto the Lord.

  1. I have a weird prejudice, bordering on the pathological, against asking other people to do things. So although I am truly thrilled that Hedwyg tagged me, I won’t tag anyone else. The buck/meme stops here.