A Word About Blogger...

I am in the process of switching from the old version of Blogger to the "new & improved" version.

Why is it that "new & improved" usually means "totally screwed up and will require hours of your time to fix it"?

I am having to restore all my links, so if you were listed and you aren't now, don't be offended!

The issue that concerns me most, however, is related to your comments. Under the older version of Blogger, comments were forwarded from Blogger.com, and my spam filter recognized them and let them through.

Now, however, they are being sent directly from your e-mail address to mine--which means you are getting a challenge note from my ISP. I apologize for this.

I initially chose Comment Moderation because I didn't want the few people who knew my real name and commented here to let it slip by accident. I've decided that it no longer matters, so I'm disabling the Moderator function.

So have at it. But be nice---remember I am Wormwood's doxy. He has offered to loan me his trident if you get unruly.