The Stench of Decay

In this week of Epiphany, I had an epiphany myself—and it wasn’t a happy one.

I was watching CNN earlier this week—watching footage of the tsunami’s destruction in southeast Asia. Bloated, rotting bodies were everywhere.

And then the commercial came on. It was an ad for Glade air fresheners—the kind you plug in the wall. This one has a little fan to circulate whatever fresh scent you choose more effectively.

I wonder if those little air fresheners could mask the scent of rotting bodies?

And I wonder what kind of culture spends money on such trinkets, while people starve and suffer and die for want of a few pennies a day?

People would have you believe that gay marriage and abortion are the moral issues that are sending this country to rack and ruin. Me, I think Glade air fresheners with fans are the sign that we have completely lost our way.